World Justice Information Network – The International Criminal Justice Library – Terms of Use

By becoming a registered user of the World Justice Information Network (WJIN), you agree to comply with the following rules of good behavior: 1. You may not use the Network to conduct any illegal activity. If we become aware of any illegal activity on the Network by our users we may be compelled to inform law enforcement authorities. In addition, if we are issued with legal directives by a state or federal law enforcement agency related to illegal conduct by our users, we will comply with those directives. 

2. If you engage in any activity detrimental to the health of the Network, we will request that you cease such activity, and may at our option terminate your access to our services. Examples of such activities include: 

  • Sending unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail 
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  • Copying or modifying information on the Network without permission 
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3. Respect the rights of other users of the Network. In no case may you “flame” other users on the discussion lists or in chat rooms. We are dedicated to the free and open exchange of ideas, which is impaired by such activity. 4. Do not attempt to place any illegal or offensive material on this site. 5. Do not post off-topic materials. Only materials related to criminal justice will be published. 6. This site is non-partisan. Do not attempt to use it for political gain. 7. Do not share your password or account with anyone else. If your colleagues are interested in joining, please instruct them on how to apply. This allows us to keep more accurate track of usage, which helps us enhance our services. 8. Do not misrepresent who you are in any posting to this site. Also, be sure to make clear if you are expressing just your own opinion, or that of your organization as well. 9. Do not attempt to gain any more information about other users of the Network than they have expressly given permission to make public to other members of the Network through the registration page. 10. The materials presented on this site are provided without any express or implied warranty of any kind. 11. Changes may be made to this site at any time without notice.

12. These terms and conditions may be amended at any time without notice.