Two Hackers Caught in Hungary

BUDAPEST, Mar 9, (XINHUA) — The Hungarian Police announced Thursday that two young hackers who broke into the website of an Internet service company in January has been caught.

Szabo Csaba, chief of the Anti-Organized Crime Department, disclosed at a press conference that the two computer pirates, aged 15 and 19 respectively, were tracked down through their e-mail system by the police.

Csaba added that the young hackers had admitted their criminal act. If found guilty, they could face imprisonment as high as 5 years.

In mid-January this year, the website of the second largest Internet service company in Hungary was tapped into twice. The hackers downloaded customers’ information and files saved in the company’s computer system and posted the login numbers and passwords of some two thousand people. The company was forced to shut down its service for dozens of hours, suffering an estimated loss of 10 million Forints (about 40,000 dollars).

 Source: Xinhua News Agency

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