General Alexei Charges Cabinet Members With Corruption

CHISINAU, October 7, (BASA) — General Nicolae Alexei, the former head of the Department Against Organized Crime and Corruption (DAOCC) charged top ranking officials with cooperation with leaders of the underground economy.

Unnamed official sources told BASA that during an earlier closed door session, general Alexei accused Interior Minister Victor Catan, first deputy premier Nicolae Andronic, Finance Minister Anatol Arapu, and other state dignitaries of offering shelter to leaders of the shadowy economy.

According to the quoted sources, Alexei said that a member of the Moscow-based criminal community Solntevo, who was arrested in Chisinau, asked to speak by telephone with minister Catan.

Later,he recognized that he was introduced to Catan by an Interior Ministry’s general.

The unnamed sources said also that Alexei had stated that he had compromising documents about Nicolae Andronic. He also said that State Minister Vladimir Filat was “opened a trial in Romania” but he refuses to present for the “investigation”.

It is alleged that the former DAOCC said also that the whole leadership of the Finance Ministry, “apart from a deputy minister”, is corrupted.

“There are evidences proving that the criminal community Solntevo said that “it will do the best for mutual payments for the electricity, there will be false documents and false payments”, said Alexei, quoted by unnamed sources.

General Alexei refused to go into details because this will be to the detriment of the investigation, said unnamed sources quoting the former head of the DAOCC.

Finance Minister Anatol Arapu denied all the accusations he was charged with saying they are groundless.

 Source: BASA-press